Kemptville Suspension Replacement and Repair

Shocks, Struts, Joints, Arms and Other Suspension Component Repair and Replacement

When your front shock struts or rear shock struts go bad, they need to be replaced.

Common Symptoms of Suspension Problems

  • Clunks over bumps
  • Drives like a "boat"
  • Car keeps bouncing after a stop
  • Excessive dipping when applying the brakes

Because of a pressurized system, the compression in each shock will deplete over time. As part of regular maintenance, they should be replaced approximately every 100,000 Km to keep your vehicle riding smooth and prevent damage to other components. If left un-repaired, bad shocks and struts develop into a serious safety hazard and will often create premature tire wear.

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Sway Bar Tip

A sway bar or stabilizer bar is part of a car's suspension system, and it prevents the car’s body from leaning too much and keeps it stable when driving around corners and over road bumps.

Like most moveable parts on a vehicle, the sway bar can become worn.

When it becomes worn, it will produce a knocking noise when pushed up or down or become separated when extremely worn.

Come to 43 Autoworks, and one of our experienced mechanics will inspect it for you!

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