Bad Brakes Are Dangerous!


Squeaking brakes, brake pulsations or shaking, brake grinding, pulling and fading are all signs of poor brake rotors, pads, shoes or drums.

Our Kemptville-based auto repair shop has years of experience in automotive brake repair to keep you and the passengers in your vehicle safe.

Brake problems are fairly easy to diagnose and usually noticeable to you, the driver.

If you suspect that your vehicle might have brake problems, don't wait to have your brakes inspected. If left to worsen, brake problems will grow and become substantially dangerous and more expensive to repair.

Common Symptoms of Brake Problems

  • squeaking brakes
  • brake pulsations/shaking
  • brake grinding
  • brake pulling

It is important to resolve any problems immediately before you are unable to safely stop your vehicle. 

Our Kemptville Auto Service Center can diagnose your specific brake situation and differentiate problematic brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors and more.

If you suspect that your car, truck, or SUV needs new brakes or brake repair, contact 43 AutoWorks Auto Care in North Grenville at 613-258-5800 or ask us your questions by emailing us.

Brakes Tips

Brakes are a vital aspect of your car, and without them, you can end up in fatal auto accidents.

If your brakes start squeaking not only will it be annoying, it can also be very dangerous.

However, squealing can be caused by various problems, and an experienced mechanic is the best person to diagnose and resolve them.

Have you ever felt your car shake when you are pushing the brakes?

If so, it just means something is wrong, and there are several possible issues which may be responsible for the shaking.

At 43 Autoworks, we always advise our customers to take their cars in whenever they experience any shaking when brakes are applied.

Brakes Shaking

Shaking is a sign of a severe problem, and it makes it dangerous to drive.

So, if your car is shaking, come on over to 43 Autoworks

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